He founded his first boy garage band 'Travellers Tales' in 1979 and in 1982 'The Riot'. He started with rock music but under the influence of black musicians like Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Lou Rawls, Ray Charles and Gil Scott Heron, VANGARRETT changed his style of singing in the early 80s. In 1989 VANGARRETT met Mike Ottis, this 'crazy' genius guy, a mastermind in composing and conducting music in any style including experimental jazz. Mike Ottis discovered VANGARRETT's extraordinary voice. It seemed to be a very good start into a new decade. The guys won the international "Rock-Rodeo" in Vienna despite horrible technical problems. In 1992 VANGARRETT founded the independent-label 'The Downtown Record Company', located on 'Nob Hill' in San Francisco. Mike Ottis & VANGARRETT produced from 1992 till 1994 musicians and bands like "Blowjob", "Jazzbo", "Pat Garrett" and "Dyn. Bros.". VANGARRETT released his last Album 'Soul Intruder' in 1993 after producing the white album 'Riot' and the singles 'Isn't It Crazy' 'Blue Rose'  'Superwoman'  'Roosevelt and Ira Lee'. After some live concerts he decided to travel around the world for years with stops on Hawaii, San Francisco, Los Angeles, South America. ...on business trips and short jouneys in China, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Estonia and Germany..... during this time he wrote new lyrics for the next outcoming albums... VANGARRETT settled down in the Caribbean on beautiful Virgin Islands for years. VANGARRETT and composer-keyborder-saxophon-player Mike Ottis found together again in 2006 after differences 10 years ago. The guys decided to work out new projects and a new VANGARRETT album. VANGARRETT's new CD 'ROOTGROOVES UNLIMITED' came out on November 7th 2011 after more than 12 years  produced by Mike Ottis. It was a very good restart. People call GARY VANGARRETT 'THE WHITE BARRY WHITE'.  During the last 2 Years VANGARRETT wrote and recorded also chansons like 'MARIE' - Les Plus Beaux Jours De Ma Vie', (also written and produced by Mike Ottis and him). Also the latin pop song 'BAILANDO CONTIGO'. Well-known DJ Christian Hornbostel, also known as 'Sura Q' remixed the lounge versions of 'BAILANDO CONTIGO' and 'MARIE- Les Plus Beaux Jours De Ma Vie', in cooperation with DJ Lorenzo Al Dino, he was the prime mover in this production. A deep house remix of 'MARIE' was created by french DJ David Crops, also in cooperation with Lorenzo Al Dino powered by his label ROYAL PLASTIC. The video of 'BAILANDO CONTIGO' will come out in spring 2014. Two further video clips are planned for September and October 2014. Since December 2012 VANGARRETT is working together with 'MASTA HUDA' the incredible producer, sound freak and DJ @ gOLDfISh reCORds Studios. They workin' in absolutely harmony, together with top musicians. Also on board DJ CRUX. He's a remix specialist with outstanding and crazy ideas. The first first French Pop single 'POURQUOUI' came out in January 2013, written by Harry Fendrich & VANGARRETT, produced and mixed by 'MASTA HUDA' @ gOLDfISh reCORds Studios. In August 2013 released the new team two outstanding and powerful versions of the World hit and megaseller 'YO NO SE MAÑANA'  The origin is sung and performed by the Nicaraguan artist Luis Enrique. New cool  songs are in progress! :)